Friday, January 8, 2010

Biggest comeback of the year: Dan Snyder

January 6, 2010. Snyder should mark it down on his calendar. For the exact opposite reason, so should we.

Wednesday marked the day Redskin fans could no longer blame their beloved owner Daniel Snyder.

It actually began December 17th when he forced his long-time sidekick Vinny Cerrato to resign. Overnight he hired Bruce Allen, son of the George Allen, and slapped the unfamiliar GM tag on him.

Following the season finale, Snyder officially relieved Jim Zorn of whatever command the P.B. (punching bag... or more accurately, poor bastard) realistically had left. And two days later, he gave every Redskin fan exactly what he/she wanted when he lured two-time Super Bowl winning head coach Mike Shanahan out of retirement to lead their franchise.

Assuming Snyder hands over all the keys to Bruce Allen from this point forward, Allen and Shanahan are now fully responsible for whatever direction this once-proud Washington football franchise decides to go.

Here's what's on their plate just six days into this offseason:
  1. Assemble a coaching staff. It's safe to assume the entire offensive staff will be gone; Bugel will likely hang it up and Shanahan's son, Kyle, will likely replace 2009's three-headed play-calling nightmare. Will Jerry Gray relieve Greg Blache as defensive coordinator? Is special teams coordinator Danny Smith safe?
  2. Jason Campbell. Thumbs up or thumbs down?
  3. Health, durability, mileage, work ethic, attitude, team chemistry, the future. Can/should we deal Portis?
  4. Who do we take with the fourth overall pick? Offensive line? Quarterback? Running back?
Task number four will most likely decide the fate of the recently introduced duo.

In any case, whoever Allen and Shanahan decide on to be their first pick of the new era in Washington, one thing's for sure: you can't blame Snyder.

Congrats Dan. You can finally put your feet up and take your finger off the trigger for a few seasons.

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