Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dallas debacle

Some images are worth a thousand words. The real question is what's Jason Campbell worth to the Redskins?

I doubt much anymore.

Neither the offense or defense played to win Sunday night. Washington's expended all the effort it possibly could this season sans the motivation from winning. Now they're running on empty and it's been self-evident in the last two games.

165 passing yards, 43 on the ground, out-gained nearly 2:1 in total yardage. But the stats aren't as pitiful as the glaring lack of emotion Sunday night at FedEx. Hell, fans lacked it too; I caught myself checking the weather channel halfway through the second quarter. According to the Post, fans at the stadium flushed out of the stadium like a toilet bowl long before the final seconds ticked off. A handful of players - Moss, Fletcher, and a few others - carried their weight but when the opportunity presented itself to carry each other, Washington fell short.

Some teams require success to stay focused; Cincinnati and Dallas unravel at the first sign of failure. When success is lacking, some teams stay competitive with good leadership; Philly and Indy rebound behind superstars McNabb and Manning. When teams lack leadership they bank on chemistry; NY and Baltimore both rely on rosters assembled and harmonized throughout the last decade.

The 2009 Washington Redskins lack all of the above. Hence, the massive turnover expected as soon as the shellacking in San Diego comes to an end Sunday afternoon. When Bruce Allen replaced Cerrato, it was thought the last three games of the season would act as a tryout for those whose status with the team had yet to be determined.

I think it's fair to say Zorn's out followed closely thereafter by Blache and several players. As for Campbell? it remains to be seen but it's looking more disheartening every day.

My New Year's wish: You stay merciful, San Diego.

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